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Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary Reduction Gears

This planetary reduction gears line is the main production line with wide choice of reduction ratios and output torques. They have several output option such as male shaft or female shafts splined type and with input conical torque and several rotation supports. Infinite modular possibilities allows infi nite solutions on all the machines in the different industry sectors.

Planetary Reduction Gears line INDUSTRIAL
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Wheel Reduction Gears

These wheel reduction gears cover the ranges from 100 up to 3600 daNm. They are especially studied for the movement of the tracked vehicles, (tractors, excavators, drilling machines etc.) where is required a stationary hydraulic brake, negative type. They further offer also compact coupling solutions with axial piston motors and with semi-integrated orbital motors.

Wheel reduction gear line
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Negative Brakes

These hydraulic brakes, negative type, are very important in applications where is required, for safety reasons, an emergency brake: self-propelled cranes, machines for road construction, winches, etc. They are available in a modular version for application on reduction gears and a direct version for application on hydraulic orbital motors.

Negative Brakes line: LB 288 , 289 , 290 SERIES
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