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Collari per alberi

Collari per alberi - Metrici

The Stafford Manufacturing Corp. standard product offering consists of over 4000 shaft collars, rigid shaft couplings and specialty mechanical components. While the large majority of these products are manufactured at our Wilmington, Massachusetts headquarters, we also distribute domestic and imported parts.

Our products are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer OEM and MRO applications, including power transmission, motion control, material handling and automation. They also have non-rotary uses in linear motion, fixturing, display and assembly. 

For an overview of all our products and capabilities we invite you to read The Stafford Advantage (PDF - 1.71MB).


Stafford organizes products into eight families. Product Type designates six broad classifications providing a unique designation for each of our part categories within similar types of products. Further, there are two Special Function families, which regroup a selection of part categories across all product types used for a particular purpose.